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CCE Software
CBSE has introduced CCE Scheme for grading with an aim of making the assessment/evaluation of students in a more holistic manner as compared to just focusing on examination taking capabilities. This scheme focuses on assessment throughout the year as compared to just at a point of time. An important feature of this scheme is the inclusion of Co-Scholastic as well as Co-Curricular activities like Life Skills, Attitudes & Values, etc. Schools are expected to maintain meticulous records of the child’s performance on these parameters throughout the year.
The Honeycomb Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) software from Oréll helps CBSE affiliated schools to upgrade to the format prescribed by CBSE. The software converts marks to respective grades, generates report cards as per CBSE guidelines, manages workflow and acts as a repository for student and teacher data.
CCE Software at a glance:
  • Generate CCE results & report cards as per CBSE guidelines
  • Access anytime, anywhere on web.
  • Simple, intuitive & easy to use software
  • Facility to add the subjects, sub subjects, grades and descriptive indicators as stipulated by the board
  • Fully tailor-made software which enables a school to modify the software as per its requirements
  • Provides ready made templates of activities to support teachers to conduct Formative Assessment (FA) & Summative Assessment (SA).
  • Term Report for FA and SA
  • Grades are automatically calculated, converted and certificates are printed based on set criteria
  • Result Analysis for Various Grades and Grade Points as per the need of the school
  • Mark List With/Without Marks & Grades or in multiple combination
  • Report cards / Progress report as per the CBSE guidelines and format with upscaling of grades, school logo, student photograph (optional) and personalized student data
  • The reports can be printed and also exported in various formats such as WORD, PDF etc
  • Comprehensive reports for performance analysis, consolidated mark sheet.
  • Attendance calculation & Health information records
  • Proper security and validation to protect data and mismanagement
  • Complete guidance from the Oréll team of engineers with pan India experience