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Better Control with Campus Management Software
An effective campus automation software provides the highest security to data, users, and the modules with role-based authorization and authentication. This means administrators would have complete control to provide education-related database access to students, teachers and staff. It also gives absolute control over the school/campus processes through automation and paperless management. By using campus management system, the institute authorities need not worry about painstaking administrative tasks to be completed urgently.

Schooberry ERP software is designed to empower management to have better control on all academic and non-academic operations. This fully-automated system will integrate all functions including admission, attendance, payroll, accounts, hostel, inventory, cafeteria, alerting, medical care, library etc. under one wing.

The management will be able to regulate and control each function without much inconvenience and expense. Reducing the work load, Schooberry manages the institute functions in a jiffy. With ERP, manual tasks related to administrative paper work gets reduced to just recording of data. With reduced work load, the management will be happier with the output from the staff than before. Besides increasing the productivity of the institute, Schooberry helps to streamline the functions in a very structured and systematic way keeping all the data secure through automation. Thus, the staff of the institute need not keep the paperwork of the operations for future purpose.

As the administrator has full control over the campus procedures, the institute processes will be done in a transparent manner. It also reduces the chance of fraudulent works in any kind of campus functions, especially accounts, admission, etc.
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