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High Demand of Campus Attendance Trackers
Future of a society or country depends on its educational institutions where prospective leaders and professionals blossom. The opportunity to learn and exchange idea should not be compromised by problems of safety and security in a school/college or university. Security has become a major concern for parents and teachers due to the ever increasing mishaps in educational premises. Obviously this has escalated the need for high-tech security systems in educational sector. Many institutions have taken a leap ahead by implementing sophisticated administrative systems that can defend its individuals and premises to retain lively learning campus.

Tracking students is considered as the best way to ensure the security of students in the campus. Old fashioned campus attendance system is not pretty enough to track students according to the current scenario. Besides, due to the availability of information online, students are hardly motivated to attend lecture sessions. Institutions that are devoid of a distinct attendance policy and automation system will be badly affected by poor academic success, student shortfall, and financial insecurity. Hence, colleges now install campus attendance tracking system, which ensures strong involvement of students in classrooms.

Many attendance tracking systems have been introduced in education sector to track attendance of the students. With the introduction of Schooberry campus attendance trackers in colleges, skipping classes have become challenging for the students. This Attendance Tracker software is perfectly designed to track and manage attendance in any tough situation. The integration of ID card or biometric scanners enhances compatibility to the attendance marking procedure.

Schooberry attendance tracker maintains academic calendar, generates customized reports & graphical representations, sends alerts to parents/guardian on student’s absence, monitors individual and class-wise attendance, calculate attendance percentage, eliminates paperwork, reduces operational and administrative cost, integrate reports in desired formats and many other customized features according to the requirements of the campus.
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