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How Campus ERP Software helps Parents
With the technological breakthrough in education sector, a lot of wonders have happened so far. Campus Management Software, the latest trend in higher education has brought great changes in the academic and non-academic procedures of every institution.

Campus ERP software nowadays plays a very important role in providing end-to-end administrative as well as academic services to all the institute stakeholders.
Schooberry campus management software is a very important application for parents as well. Parents can actively involve in the campus activities using the portal and keep up-to-date about the academic activities of their child. Parents can interact with faculty and management directly can look out their child’s timetable, daily schedule, exams report, weekly attendance and overall performance of the child. Besides bridging the gap between school and parents, Schooberry puts an end to the time-consuming processes parents need to attend. While being in frequent touch with the teachers of their child, parents can keep a check on their teaching abilities as well. Some of the advantages of this School/Campus Management Software for parents are:
  • Information about institute events and holidays
  • Updates on child's attendance, progress report and fee payment.
  • Regular and prompt availability of institute updates through messaging system
  • Timely interaction with the faculty of the institution
  • Active participation in child’s academic activities
  • Get comprehensive report on child's performance and attendance along with notifications like fee payment etc
  • Online login access system separately for parents as well.
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