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How Schooberry Helps You Solve Discipline Issues in Schools
Schooberry campus management software with its 24 modules is beneficial for schools to boost up students’ potential and improve the operations of the institute with effective tracking and reporting, besides addressing disciplinary issues. Schooberry CMS not only alleviates the burdens of the institute staff but also helps the faculty to solve disciplinary incidents with its innovative and full-feature system in a secure and confidential manner Take a look at how Schooberry helps you solve disciplinary issues in schools:
  • The discipline management software is designed in such a way to help teachers improve students’ behaviour
  • It also documents multiple discipline incidents, follow-up actions, teacher comments, incident locations, and the students and staff involved.
  • Teachers can track bullies and victims and produce a detailed report on his/her discipline, behaviour incident, conduct, and more
  • Send instant alerts to parents about incidents via email, mobile apps and text messages
  • Enable staff, parents and students to access discipline data privately and securely online with Oréll Cyber Campus web portal.
  • Student and staff discipline reports can be generated on providing the respective ID.
  • Discipline track system helps teachers, and management to give proper counselling to students
  • Generate follow-up reports tracking students after incidents
  • Analyze incidents by location and time to evaluate security
  • Student and staff discipline reports can be generated on providing the respective ID.
  • Set rules to gather merits from regular attendance to timely assignment submission
  • Faculty feedback on individual students or whole class.
  • Generate conduct certificate based on discipline record and faculty feedback
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