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Simplify Admission Procedures with OAM
With the advent of technology in education sector, managing academic and non-academic procedures in an institution becomes easier and time-saving. Technology is changing the education systems and its management in a very remarkable way paving way for quick and effortless administration of institution processes. Before the evolution of campus administration software, staff of the institution finds it difficult to manage the overall campus activities including the very admission process to the issue of transfer/conduct certificate.

The primary move any institution should take is to establish a state of the art software that is customizable according to their specific requirements. While selecting an automation system, always keep in mind that campus automation system has a major impact on school’s functioning, especially students’ life. With the introduction of Oréll admittance management software, the entire admission processes including tracking students and handling of student’s details have been completely simplified. Admittance Management Suite from Oréll is an all-inclusive admission processing software that makes the admission procedures simple and accurate in a jiffy. At the time of admission, the entire student details including student name, DOB, address for communication, permanent address, parent details, course selection details, marks obtained, qualification details etc. are entered into Oréll Admittance Management system to make it accessible whenever required. With the deployment of admittance management software, the entire admission process gets fully flexible and transparent to all the stakeholders.

Oréll Admittance Management (OAM) system helps to reorganize every admission functions like verifying the students’ history, scrutinising credentials, fast short listing of eligible candidates, generation and sending of automated eligibility status reports via SMS/ e-mails. In addition, OAM generates integrated smart cards and customized reports on a single mouse click. It totally fends off the paper works by paving way for better mechanism, wherein the manual labour is automatically diminished.

Gone are the days were the staff of an institution spend enormous time on registers attempting to discover sensitive data about a student. To sum up, Oréll Admittance Management software meets each kind of requirement to give quality work, which truly reduces the mistakes by mirroring better result.
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