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Track Your Students with Oréll Scholar Monitor
When you discuss about classroom management software, you start from Oréll. Educators across the world trust on it, and why? Because Oréll offers tools for the optimal management of your institution is a very simple and comprehensible manner. Classroom administration software has been widely recognised to improve students’ achievement and it makes use of integrated technology in the campus management with an easy to use system that offers a variety of powerful tools for your maximum comfort.

An educational institution, whether it is school or college, needs to monitor various aspects of students. Most often, therelevant information pertaining to each department will be stored at different shelves in the campus administration section.A good scholar monitor will be a resourceful student monitoring system that integrates all the relevant dataof a selected student in a single database.

Oréll Scholar Monitor is an essential one-stop-module that delivers up-to-date details of every student enrolled in the college with detailed reporting and smart search options. OSM furnishes the entire particulars of a student during his academic life in the college, from the time of admission till the point when his TC is issued. A detailed report of the student profile including, his admission history, performance and academic progression, participation and scores in extracurricular activities, attendance, conveyance, boarding, and many other student related data can be automated through the Oréll scholar monitor system.

Through the updated information regarding the student performance and academic scores, Scholar Monitor system lets the management to promote students from one class/semester to the next right away. This integrated monitoring software intelligently uses the student profile to generate an accurate estimate of the student which helps to dramatically improve their overall performance and productivity.
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