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Hostel Management Software
The Hostel Management module of Honeycomb helps all the partners to be included in the lodging administration and get redesigns of the procedure. This module will screen and record all the data on Hostel Attendance Report Facility, procurement to keep up Disciplinary Logs, Mess Management, Daily Attendance, Alerts Notices & Reports and Category based rooms/bed distribution Check in/Checkout. Through our hostel management software, all the partners can see lodging participation, mess administration, ready notification, and reports. Another favorable position of this hotel administration ERP is that they can give the partners a procurement to keep up disciplinary logs which will help them to have an approved control over the lodging administration.
This Erp software permits the school administration to be more in control. Students, Parents and the approved individuals in the administration get overhauls on day by day participation of students in hostel. This will help the administration to keep a trained hostel that fulfills both the folks and students. Lodging Management Module of Campus Management Software is composed in approach to coddle the folks and administrations alike as they think all that much about the eventual fate of the students. Our officials will give the free demo to lodging administration and all different modules in Campus Management System to intrigued customers. Amidst the scholastic year likewise there is a chance to change or clear the lodging/ room. Hostel charge and botch expense are connected up with the charges administration module to computerize the charge figurings of students.
    Hostel Overseeing
    Room Administration
    Checking for accessibility of rooms
    Settings up expense according to the services in the lodging
    Assigning lodging for pupils
    Different reports of hostel
    Data reports for students
    Data reports for Warden
    Mess report preparing
    Accounts details
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