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New paradigm of schooling
Similarly, the characteristics of schooling within the new triplization paradigm are contrastingly totally different from those of the standard paradigm . School is perceived as a facilitating place to support students’ learning. College itself should be a contextualized multiple intelligence atmosphere, supporting students to develop their multiple intelligences. Every college has its own strengths, potential, and characteristics. Based on their strengths, different colleges will conduct and manage schooling in several styles to maximize their own contributions to students’ learning. The main target of schooling is to encourage curiosity and motivate both pupils and lecturers to assume, act, and learn during a multiple intelligence manner.
Schooling is also an open method to initiate, facilitate, and sustain self-learning and self-actualization of pupils and academics. It provides opportunities to share the enjoyment of learning and teaching among lecturers and pupils. So as to face the challenges of the new century and pursue contextualized multiple intelligences, college should be a continuously learning and developing organization, involving continuous discovery, experimenting, realization, reflection, and development on an institutional level. Schools and their schooling should be managed and expedited during a manner that brings in local and international resources, supports, and networks to maximize opportunities for their development and contributions to their pupils’ learning and teachers’ teaching. In addition to the college itself, there are multiple sources of teaching and learning, such as self-learning programs and packages, web-based learning, outside specialists, community experiential programs, etc. – both inside and outside the college, domestically and globally.
Parents and communities, together with social services, business, and trade, are actively involved in schooling. The partnership with them is important to support effective networked schooling and multiple sources of learning. Locally and globally networked schooling will offer a good spectrum of learning experiences and maximize opportunities for lecturers and students to learn from numerous settings and cultures. With the assistance of globalized schooling, students will study world-class experiences from different parts of the world. faculties will maximize the opportunities for teachers and pupils to boost the standard of teaching and learning from local and global networking and exposure. Faculties in the new paradigm are conceptualized as world-class and networked colleges.
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