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Handling the information that comes in from various departments and divisions of a college/school have been an exasperating task for most of the management today. The wide array of tasks includes managing the information of the students from the time of admission till they pass out, examination details, managing the fee collection of the students, paying salary for employees etc. are all being a part and parcel of managing a college. Getting the right information, at the right time and at the right place is what is important. And if the tasks are going to get carried out manually, Sorry but its’ a well known fact that such information will lack reliability and accuracy and also prompt delivery. There lies an importance of having an ERP software in a college/school institution.
ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is nothing but a software platform that adheres towards integrating and automating the works of an organization be it small or medium or large, the ultimate aim is to make the tasks simpler for the management. An efficient and effective ERP will provide the organization with a user- friendly software platform with login id's for the management, students, teachers, administrators, parents so that all can make good use of the information available with this ultimate software platform. The information stored here are safe and secure and are readily available within a single click of a button. There are no more the requirement of file based system as everything will be converted to digital format hereafter. The information about a student can be stored for years even after student gets passed out its going to be there on the database unless someone removes it. Similarly the calculation of the salary of the teaching and non-teaching staff is going to be a much easier task by adopting an ERP in your campus. The reports can be easily generated with the help of this state of the art campus automation software. Ultimately it strives to simplify the work of the management and make the work in a more synchronized and orderly manner.
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