campus Management Software Suite
Honeycomb Sailent Features
Honeycomb is developed for the management and administration of educational institutions regardless of size and complexity. The system has dynamic facilities for defining multiple courses and manages each of them independently. It has revolutionized the entire proceedings of campus administration.
  •  Honeycomb offers maximum scalability. This implies that the solution can be implemented in a school starting from a single PC and can be extended seamlessly to other additional nodes in the local area network.
  • Honeycomb is based on an open ended architecture, enabling the solution to be implemented in phases and actualizing future upgrades without disturbing the existing implementation.
  • The application offers zero redundancy of data for managing the various Educational Institutes and schools aspects- online and off line. 
  • Honeycomb is supported by latest technology like Smart Cards and Biometrics. 
  • Honeycomb is a browser-based application developed for Educational Institutions. This makes its use as easy as browsing the net.
  • Honeycomb is a solution with a very high user-acceptance ratio. This has been made possible by a creating a user-friendly interface zeroing the complexities involved in an ERP system.
  • Accessibility controlled by multi layered access.
  • Can integrate all & existing database.
  • 24 X 7 accessibility.
  • Create n number of login ID.
  • Provides Password facility for different users to ensure high level of security.
  • It provides a means to automatically prepare all certificates (TC , Provisional etc)
  • Compatible on LAN as well as on WEB.
  • It eases budget preparation and financial planning.