campus Management Software Suite

Managing Trustee,
Sri Shridevi Charitable Trust (R)
Sri Shridevi Charitable Trust (R) signed up for the implementation of Oréll’s Honeycomb integrated campus management ERP system suite and business consultancy support to streamline and automate business operations across the 16 campuses managed by the Sri Shridevi Charitable Trust (R). The Honeycomb ERP system suite will help Sri Shridevi Trust transform their 16 campuses from a manual, offline, paper centric education environment into online, real-time, scalable, secure, world-class institutions of learning. Commenting on the project, Dr. M.R. Hulinaykar, M.B.B.S., M.S., Managing Trustee, Sri Shridevi Charitable Trust (R) said, “Sri Shridevi Charitable Trust is committed to continual improvement in everything we do, and embracing new technologies is part of that core mission. Shridevi Institution of Engineering & Technology (SIET) is the first campus to implement Honeycomb. Over the next 10 months our focus will be on automation and continuous business improvements across all the remaining campuses. The rollout of Honeycomb is part of our Sri Shridevi Futures Campus business transformation program. Through the rollout of this Program, we are working with our industry partner Oréll to adapt our campus management business processes to better service the needs of our students, faculty, parents and alumni rather than reactively adapting our current systems and processes to keep-up with their minimum requirements. Once completed, we will be able to deliver a new benchmark for what is considered “normal” for campus management of educational institutions worldwide. A lot still needs to be done to have the project implemented and completed across all campuses but we entrust Oréll’s professionalism and experience to turn this project into success.
Shino Ulahannan

Technology Training and Research Centre (TTRC), Bangalore
I confirm on behalf of TTRC that I have dealt with Orell Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd for the design, development and implementation of the Honeycomb campus automation project for our Bangalore campus, during which they have provided us excellent service.

We are deeply impressed by the versatility of the product and their customer relationship management. We highly appreciate the professionalism exhibited by them in data collection, product customization, training imparted and well-planned execution of work within the given time frame.

I confidently recommend their product Honeycomb campus management dashboard as solid and reliable, their workforce being experts in their field
Father Kinley D’Cruz

Secretary, Fatorda Salesian Society
Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda, Goa
As the secretary for Fatorda Salesian Society, I would like to testify for and recommend EShelf Digital Library for any library. The System has been installed and running smoothly in our campus for Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda, Margao.

Being a client of Orell Software Solutions, the parent company of EShelf, we appreciate their follow-up and professionalism.”

Arun Kishore

DC School of Management and Technology (DCSMAT)
The training sessions handled were really fruitful and the trainers could complete all the modules in a systematic manner. The systems study also went on well along with training for phase 2.
Fequire Vilsaint,

Educa Vision Inc., Florida, USA
Educa Vision Inc bought the eShelf Digital library package, a part of Honeycomb campus management solutions. I am writing to express our satisfaction with the support, service, customization, opportunities, timeliness and communication.

The system has been installed, customized and now is being populated with our multilingual digital contents.

I feel confident to recommend the eShelf digital library and Honeycomb products from Orell group.
Dr. Armstrong Takang

Technology Support Centre, Ekiti, Nigeria
It is my pleasure to recommend Orell Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd in the delivery of software and IT based solutions. We have dealt with Orell in the implementation of a Campus Management Solution for Digital Bridge Institute, Nigeria, during which they provided us good and responsive services.

The product was robust and scalable from a systems implementation standpoint and the customer service provision was suitable to our requirement

. The Orell team is a professional and hard working team who adapted easily to working across two different continents with varying time zones.

We therefore recommend them to you for solutions wherein they have declared expertise and competence.